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I made this soup for my family and they really loved it! And, it was very easy to make following the recipe as it’s stated. Look forward to trying more soup recipes!!

I've only had this at restaurants…I need to make it at home! Thank you for sharing your words and pictures, my friend. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. I'm enjoying your post with a big bowl of watermelon. Just perfect. Much love and many blessings from Austin!

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As a TC on the web search forum I'll be going to the summit. So who else got the free upgrade to business class on the trans-atlantic leg of the journey?:-)Be great to see the Plex and mingle with some of the other TC's.Might get a tan too.

10 september 2012 Samson is toch de hond van Gert? Je bent wel lekker optimistisch, over een half jaar weer naar de stembus! Stem jij nou maar lekker op Samsom, dan komt het allemaal goed (sprak de Rooie Vrouw). Roos in de vuist!!!  

Sevgili Santiago, burada karizmasının Windows başlangıç sesiyle beraber resetlenmesini istemediğim nadide insanlardan birisin Umarım tahmin ettiğin gibi gelişir olaylar (ki mutlak soğukçu olarak kesinlikle ben de bunu istiyorum). Yoksa vallahi acımasızca basarlar eksiyi

Victoria va a recordar todo pero mejor hacer de cuenta que no… mientras todos piensan que perdio la memoria, ella esta rearmando una nueva estrategia para derrotar a Montalvan y sobre todo a Lorenzo… ella es “Victoria”.. no por nada le pusieron ese nombre va a ser una pelea dificil pero no en vano… <3 AMO DULCE AMOOOOOOOOR <3

yay ça poutre tout !!pour la ptite histoire, il me semble que c’est des gars près de chez nous (genre Nantes&#8230dans le même esprit (hip-hop-dub-jazzy) tu peux faire un tour du côté du groupe Chinese Man (écoutable sur deezer)